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Here is a list of all of the games that I have created:

WizFight is a high speed deathmatch game featuring over 25 wizards, each with a unique and devastating power. The game is played in small, side-scrolling arenas with 2-4 players in a variety of modes including classic deathmatch, king of the hill, and horde modes that hearkens back to the days when people gathered around one TV to play games together.

You can find the official website here or download the game now via Additionally, you can find the source code on Github.

Flapphogg is an experimental mix of Flappy Bird and Nidhogg that I created for Flappy Jam. In it, two players face off in an attempt to lance each other while avoiding cave-like terrains.

You can download the game now via An alternate download containing the source code can be found here.

I've slowly been working through Karan's projects list and the Project Euler problems in various programming languages. You can find a repository with all of the solutions that I've written thus far here.

Additionally, you can find links to random bits of code that I've written in the table below.

Name Programming Language
The Collatz conjecture Nim
Project Euler Problem 1 Nim
Project Euler Problem 2 Nim
Project Euler Problem 5 Nim
Project Euler Problem 6 Nim
Project Euler Problem 1 Perl 6

New Projects

Name Description
Simple TIC-80 Top-Down Shooter A simple top-down shooter made in TIC-80 to showcase a simple entity system that I made for use with TIC-80.

Old Projects

Name Description
Arcade 4X
(GameMaker Studio source code and executable)
An attempt at creating a prototype for a turn-based strategy game with real-time unit control.

My name is Matt. A few years ago, I created a game called WizFight under the moniker Another Day, Another Game, as well as an assortment of game prototypes. I then spent several years in the world of games journalism. I am now returning to the world of programming and plan to document my progress on various projects here. For the time being, most of these projects will be related to gaming, but I plan to eventually work on projects that aren't related to gaming.

My Twitter handle is @mattchuranu. You can contact me there or by email at