StarCraft: Remastered To Launch On August 14th

Blizzard announced late last night that StarCraft: Remastered is set to launch on August 14th. The game will cost $14.99 at launch, a much lower price than I expected. It retains all of the original StarCraft’s features, to the point that StarCraft and StarCraft: Remastered players can actually play against each other, but provides a […]

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The Original StarCraft And Its Expansion Brood War Are Now Available As A Free Download

Last month, after months of rumors, Blizzard announced StarCraft: Remastered, a new version of StarCraft that would include remastered graphics, remastered audio, and support for up to 4K resolutions, among other revisions. The modernized version of the company’s classic sci-fi RTS will be launching sometime this summer. It was also announced that, in addition to StarCraft: Remastered launching […]