ExZeus 2

ExZeus 2 describes itself as a fast-paced colorful 3D mech-shooter on rails. 

Developer: Hyperdevbox
Publisher: Hyperdevbox
Genre: Rail shooter
Release Date: May 31, 2017
Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android
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Basic Information

ExZeus 2 describes itself as a fast-paced colorful 3D mech-shooter on rails. Continuing the story of the original ExZeus, a new menace has broken out to threaten the planet. The 3 metal robots from the previous game were merged together to create Minos, a brand new model. Take control of your very own “upgradeable” mech and blast your way through hordes of baddies. 

Key Features:

  • Multiple avenues of attack – Shoot enemies in the air, on the ground in close combat, and with vehicles throughout the available levels. 
  • Xbox controller and keyboard support – Play with either an xbox controller or your keyboard.
  • Online leaderboard – compete for high scores against players around the world.




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By Taylor Whaley

ExZeus 2 is a 3D mech-based arcade shooter on rails. In ExZeus 2 you take control of a “customizable” mech and shoot the crap outta enemies that are spawning all over the screen. It sounds like a fun (albeit generic) concept, so I dived in immediately.

The first and most glaring issue you’ll encounter with ExZeus 2 is definitely the aesthetic. The style isn’t boring per-se, it’s definitely flashy and colorful. However, there is a very high degree of stylistic mismatch at play here. The text screens are virtually unreadable due to the terrible choice of font and the clashing colors everywhere. The GUI is muddled and unclear, and looks pretty bad overall.

There’s really nothing good about the graphical style. The texture quality is absurdly low, even for what was originally a mobile game- they look super blurry and the overuse of reflective effects certainly isn’t doing the game any favors. If I had but one word to describe the graphical style of ExZeus 2, I’d say it looks “cheap”.

Generic and forgettable rock music blares throughout each level. I honestly couldn’t tell you if the music in level 1 was different than the music in level 2 – it had absolutely no character to it whatsoever. The sound effects are repetitive but serviceable, which is probably the best thing I can say about anything in this title.

Voice acting in rail-shooters, fighting games, etc is really supposed to be something that hypes you up and gets you excited for what you’re playing, but I really couldn’t wait for the ExZeus 2 narrator to shut up. The intro voice is some kind of garbage default robot speech, and it sounds absolutely terrible. The only thing that comes close to redeeming the terrible voice acting is the fact that by default it’s muddled by the sound of explosions and the soundtrack while you’re actually in-game.

All that can really be said about the gameplay is that it’s highly generic and unenjoyable. The regular flying sections are mediocre and not particularly satisfying, but the on-foot and vehicular sections are absolutely atrocious. While on-foot, enemies will spawn everywhere around you, including directly behind and beside you. The melee attacks do basically no damage and feel terrible to use, and the camera and movement are the clunkiest I’ve ever seen in a video game. The vehicular segments are absolutely atrocious- taking damage while in a vehicle causes the entire game to slow to a halt as you watch a highly exaggerated spinning-out animation that lasts an eternity, somewhere around 2-3 seconds in duration. Using a special move takes you out of the action into what basically amounts to a pause screen as you select the power-up you want to use.

The absolute worst part about this game is how it seems intentionally designed to be as unenjoyable as possible. Maybe, just maybe, I could look past the dozens of issues this game has and have a little bit of fun if I were just left to my devices to fly around and blow a ton of enemies up, but no, the game does not even let you do that. You are constantly pulled out of the gameplay to watch these ridiculous cutscenes that add literally nothing- there is no dialogue, no narrative, nothing. It’s as if the game is absolutely insistent on you not having any fun whatsoever.

As if the rest of the game isn’t enough of a dumpster fire, ExZeus 2 actually has the audacity include a premium token system (basically continues). The game’s autosave function is directly tied to you having at least one of these tokens- if you run out, you’ll not be able to use the autosaves. I repeat, the game will not autosave if you do not have some of the premium currency. The game begs you to purchase more tokens every time you start playing and additionally every time you complete a level. None of the prices are even listed, clicking on one of the packages takes you to a foreign Paypal login screen.

I really have nothing positive to say about this title. ExZeus 2 is one of the absolute worst games I have ever played. The gameplay, graphics, sound, music, voice-acting- every single piece of this game is absolutely terrible. The game is also extremely buggy and prone to crashing. Oh yeah, and there’s also the fact that the developer is constantly trying to pressure you into buying continue tokens. All in all, this game wouldn’t be worth it if it were free. Don’t waste your time with this steaming pile of garbage.

More Information

Release Date: May 31st, 2017

Game Engine: Unity

Length of playthrough: 3 hours.


ExZeus 2 Steam store page
ExZeus 2 on itch.io
ExZeus 2 on Humble

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