XBLIG Marketplace Closes Up Shop Next Month

The end of an era approaches as the last month of Microsoft’s deprecated XBLIG marketplace winds down. In September of 2015 Microsoft announced that after nearly ten years of service the platform would be gradually closed down, with publishing disabled by September 9 of last year and full-on closure of the storefront sometime in September of 2017. The service has since been replaced by the ID@Xbox program for Xbox One. 

Back in 2006, the XBLIG Marketplace offered an unprecedented level of access to the console market for indie developers. Many notable indie titles were available via this platform, such as Cthulu Saves the World, One Finger Death Punch, Sequence (now renamed Beyond the Echo), and Fortresscraft.

Microsoft have confirmed that games purchased via the XBLIG Marketplace will still be downloadable and playable after the service shuts down, and that matchmaking and leaderboards should still be maintained. If you’re a developer that released anything via the XBLIG platform, please make sure to have your tax forms and banking information setup to receive the final payout around November of 2017. Microsoft have stated that payout will be made regardless of whether or not the previous minimum threshold of $150 is met.

(via GameZone)

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