[Update: Delayed] World Of Speed To Launch On Steam Early Access Tomorrow

Update: World of Speed has been delayed to August 22nd.

I’m not entirely sure how this piece of news managed to slip under everyone’s radar, but it seems that it has. The once highly anticipated MMO racing game World of Speed will finally be open to the public tomorrow, when it launches on Steam Early Access. Are you hyped? I mean, are you still hyped?

World of Speed, which was originally developed by Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios, has been scheduled for release since as far back as 2014 and has been advertised practically since the inception of its original publisher, The game suffered repeated delays, with notoriously limited Alpha tests being held throughout. This past January, we were told that several focus tests held last fall made it “clear that the game was not yet good enough” and that “the project will be under-going a substantial revision.”

At some point along the way, the game changed hands. NBA Playgrounds developer Saber Interactive and a company called Redemption Ark are now developing the game, while NBA Playgrounds publisher Mad Dog Games is publishing. It is unclear at this time when or why the change of hands occurred—’s World of Speed website still features copyright notices for and Slightly Mad Studios—or whether the game has, in fact, undergone the “substantial revision” that was previously announced.

For those who haven’t heard of World of Speed, it is a multiplayer-focused online racing game. Players will be able to race against others and upgrade their cars with the rewards from races that they win. Eventually, they will also be able to form Auto-Clubs, which are essentially clans or guilds, hire “NPC specialists” to be a part of their race crew, and take part in daily events, among other planned additions, but the focus will be on a cycle of racing and upgrading, a cycle of progression similar to that of an MMORPG. More than 50 licensed cars will be available at launch, with more set to be introduced over the course of Early Access.

World of Speed is set to launch on Steam Early Access tomorrow. You will have to pay for a Founder’s Pack to take part in Early Access, but the prices of these Founder’s Packs have yet to be unveiled.

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