The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Is Coming In 2018

There are no details about it yet, but Telltale Games announced today via its Summer 2017 Update video that The Wolf Among Us Season 2 is happening and that it will be here sometime next year. I could not tell you how ecstatic I am about this, personally. The Wolf Among Us is my favorite of Telltale’s adventure series thus far and I am glad to see that it is finally returning. The world of Fables is a unique and gritty one with a distinctive visual style. The first season’s story was so well-crafted that many of its moments have stuck with me throughout the years, particularly its final moments. More importantly, however, the world seems to have quite a bit more to offer and I’m looking forward to seeing what Season 2’s main storyline will be.

Amusingly, this news comes right after it was reported by Eurogamer that neither The Wolf Among Us nor Tales From the Borderlands would be receiving new seasons anytime soon.

In addition to The Wolf Among Us Season 2, it was announced in the same video that the Batman Telltale series will be returning for a second season on August 8th and that The Walking Dead will be returning for a final season in 2018.

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