West Of Loathing To Be Released In August 2017

You guys remember Kingdom of Loathing, right? The hilarious browser RPG that was released way back in 2003? In case you weren’t aware, developer Asymmetric has been working on a Wild West-themed RPG called West of Loathing for some time now. The game features the franchise’s signature black and white look, complete with stickman characters, slapstick comedy, and a turn-based combat system.

If you check the official website right now, it still says that the game is launching in “early 2017.” However, a Steam store page went live today with an “August 2017” release date. A more specific release date has yet to be announced, and it could always be delayed, as it has missed several target release dates now, but the fact that it is on the Steam store page gives me the impression that an August release is likely.

Matt Chelen

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