Warriors All-Stars Launches On PC And PlayStation 4

Koei Tecmo’s latest game in its long-running Dynasty Warriors series, Warriors All-Stars, is finally here. The game went live today on PC and PlayStation 4, allowing players to experience classic Dynasty Warriors gameplay as iconic characters from other Koei Tecmo franchises. There are more than 30 playable characters in all, including Dead or Alive’s Kasumi, Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa, and Nioh’s William, among others.

The game also boasts open-ended scenarios and multiple endings. Players can recruit up to four characters to fight alongside them and the way that the story goes is strongly influenced by which characters they choose.

Warriors All-Stars is now available on Steam and the PlayStation Store. Those who purchase the game shortly after launch will be given five exclusive costumes and an early unlock for the playable character Opoona.

Matt Chelen

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