Wage War As One Of Three Factions In Lost Technology Today

Playism’s latest project, Studio 4D’s three-phase 4X/RTS hybrid Lost Technology, has officially launched in English. The game, which is based on an earlier game called Vahrenturga, lets players choose one of several factions and jump into a seemingly never-ending war with the goal of ending it once and for all. To achieve this goal, players will be required to fight other nations, as well as engage in diplomacy with them, but ultimately, the only way to win is to “take control of all territories.”

Lost Technology is a fairly expansive game, featuring a total of twelve playable factions and more than 100 characters. What’s more, the game’s story changes based on the way that you go about taking control of all of the game world’s territories.

While the game features twelve playable factions, only three are currently available in the English version of the game: Álfheim, Makan, and the Reinald Empire. You can play as any of the other nine factions, but you won’t be able to experience any of their events or story content. If the game sells well, translations of said content will be introduced as DLC at a later time.

Lost Technology is now available on Steam and the Playism store for $2.99, temporarily discounted to $2.69 for the week of release. The low price is meant to reflect the amount of content that has been fully translated.

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