Vita Beat-‘Em-Up Drive Girls Headed To Europe On May 26th

Rising Star Games announced today that it will be releasing Senran Kagura developer Tamsoft’s PlayStation Vita beat-’em-up Drive Girls in Europe on May 26th. In Drive Girls, players take on the role of any of the five Drive Girls, human/”supercar” hybrid characters, that have to save the world from “mechanized Bug enemies.” They have the option of playing either the “extensive single-player campaign” or in “local and online multiplayer for up to four players.”

As they are part car, the Drive Girls need tuned and customized in the game’s garage. They can be outfitted with new parts and decals, which are purchased using currency that players are awarded for completing missions. The Drive Girls will also talk amongst each other in visual novel-esque dialogue that takes place between missions.

While Drive Girls is set to be released in Europe on May 26th, a North American release has yet to be announced. That being said, the PlayStation Vita is region-free, so you can always purchase the European version and play it on your North American PlayStation Vita, granted you buy a physical copy.

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