Valnir Rok’s Second Closed Alpha Test To Begin Tomorrow

encurio announced today that the second Closed Alpha test for its Viking-themed survival game Valnir Rok is set to begin tomorrow. It is noted that “gamers who registered for Closed Alpha Test access” will be able to play this weekend, but it is unclear whether that means that everyone that registered will get in or if encurio is simply sending out another batch of invites.

The latest Closed Alpha test is set to run from tomorrow, August 11th, at 6 AM EDT to Monday, August 14th, at 12 AM EDT. However, the exact length of the test is “subject to change dependent on the developer’s need for longer/shorter testing durations.”

Those who are interested in taking part in the Valnir Rok Closed Alpha can sign up for a chance to get access on the official website.

Matt Chelen

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