The Underground King Was The Last Game On Greenlight; Also, It Looks Pretty Good

Until practically the moment it was closed, Steam Greenlight continued to receive game submissions. The very last game to be posted to the service was a game called The Underground King, an in-development narrative-driven racing management game in which players recruit low-lives, assemble cars from various scrap parts, pair a low-life and a car, and set out to win races.

What really sets the game apart, however, is its wackiness, which is enhanced greatly by its cartoony art style. Players’ cars can be adorned with bananas, shark fins, hulk fists, bull heads, and all manner of other odd objects. They can be functional vans or they can be street carts.

The Underground King is currently on Kickstarter with a $16,903 goal. As of this writing, it has garnered $942 of that goal. During the Kickstarter, you can net the finished game for €15. Beta access is available for a pledge of €25, whereas Alpha access costs €40. Additionally, each pledge that includes the game includes a subscription to AirConsole, a platform that allows you to use your browser as a video game console and your smart devices as controllers for said console. The reason that this is included is that the game is being developed for the platform in addition to PC, Mac, and Linux. In fact, the AirConsole version will feature a limited-time exclusive multiplayer mode, which will be added to the desktop versions of the game after it has been tested via AirConsole. Should the Kickstarter campaign succeed, the game is expected to be released early next year. Alpha is expected to begin in July, with Beta following in October.

Those who are interested can try The Underground King out by downloading a demo, which is available via If you end up liking the game, consider pledging to the ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

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