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Twilight Spirits Launches On Steam

The review process that held up the Steam launch of NetEase’s free-to-play action MMORPG Twilight Spirits has been completed and the game has officially launched on Steam, albeit only in Chinese. Players can now jump into the game’s instance-based world and fight a variety of enemies using a combat system that allows players to make use of slow motion after dodging. The game’s core gameplay has been said to represent a blend of Eastern and Western game design philosophies and I’m fairly interested in seeing how it turned out.

Initial reception doesn’t seem to be good, with the game holding a “Mostly Negative” rating on Steam at present. Criticisms seem to include poor optimization, auto-pathing, a lack of character customization, and various issues with the combat system. According to SteamCharts, only 368 players are online as of this writing, but it was only released a few hours ago.

I’ve seen mentions that the servers accessible from the Steam client are separate from those that will be accessible from the direct download client on June 29th. This is currently unconfirmed, but worth noting due to the implications that the playerbase might be split.

I’ve also seen mentions that the patcher’s download speed is not good. If you find that patching is taking a while, you can manually download patches from the official website.

It should also be noted that your characters’ names are required to be written in Chinese characters. Names written in Latin characters will not work.

Those looking for an English Twilight Spirits community can find one on this Discord server.

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