Travian: Fire And Sand Adds New Tribes For The First Time Ever

Travian: Legends’ latest update, Travian: Fire and Sand, brings with it a first for the long-running free-to-play strategy game. After 14 years online, the game has received two new tribes: the Egyptians and the Huns. These add to the game’s existing three tribes, the Gauls, Romans, and Teutons.

The Egyptians are a rich tribe, offering “fast economic and military progress.” According to Travian Games, those playing as Egyptians “should simply focus on resources and only invest in troops, if there are already cleaned oases to raid nearby.” The reason for this is that their riches make them “an attractive target for every other tribe” and they should work to build defenses—especially against cavalry.

The Huns, on the other hand, are very military-focused. They have high movement speed, which is supposed to make up for the fact that “their defensive capabilities in direct combat do not measure up to the other tribes.” They can further augment the high speed of their units by bringing their hero into battle. According to Travian Games, those playing as Huns “should be very aggressive and go for oases and if the player is really good, they could attack their neighbors right after beginner’s protection.”

The first server featuring the Fire and Sand update went live earlier today and it features a few changes to the typical Travian: Legends rule set. Fire and Sand servers end after a certain amount of time, with alliances working to earn as many Victory Points as possible. The map is only a 401×401 map of Europe, compared to the 801×801 “flat map” that Travian: Legends servers use. Ancient Powers, which can only be activated after “you secure a region and have a treasury big enough,” influence the game in a similar manner to how artifacts influence Travian: Legends games. You can read more about the differences between the server types here.

You can find more information, including unit breakdowns for each of the new tribes, on the official blog. You can play the newly-updated game now via the official website.

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