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Transformers Online Launches In China

After quite some time in Closed Beta testing, Tencent’s free-to-play competitive FPS Transformers Online officially launched in China earlier today. The game resembles Overwatch in a number of ways, only more giant robots and less money required to play. Win-win, right?

Transformers Online is primarily played from a first-person perspective, but melee combat takes place in third-person. Each character also has their own vehicle form that they can use to travel across the map more quickly.

Interestingly, it was announced alongside the launch announcement that the game now features the first female Transformer, whose name is translating to “Alice.” She is a support class character that can transform into a car.

Those who are interested can download the game now via the official website. A QQ account is required to play the game. In lieu of an official trailer on YouTube, I’ve included a video that YouTuber MMOJACKX57 recorded during the Open Beta.

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