A-Train Classic To Be Released On Steam On June 8th

ARTDINK and Degica Games announced today that the English version of the throwback entry in the former’s long-running A-Train series, A-Train Classic, will be launching on Steam on June 8th. Unlike other recent entries in the series, which have featured fully 3D environments, the game will feature an isometric 2D style reminiscent of earlier games in the series.

Despite the classic art style, A-Train Classic boasts a “deep and rewarding simulation” and a “living world.” The game will feature an assortment of scenarios, each with its own competitors that will “attempt to build their own networks and develop your resources.” Players will be able to make use of “rail, road, and tram networks” and even build underground, should they research the proper unlocks. As it is a modern PC game, A-Train Classic will also feature Steam Workshop integration and “ultra hi res support,” including support for multiple monitors.

You can find more information about A-Train Classic on the official website. While its June 8th release date has been announced, the game’s price has yet to be announced.

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