Today’s Releases (9/7/2017): Tokyo Dark, Beat The Game

Welcome back to Today’s Releases. It’s now Thursday, September 7th, and today is a great day for fans of adventure games. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for gamers today.

Tokyo Dark

Cherrymochi’s highly-anticipated adventure game Tokyo Dark has officially launched, following a successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2015. The game follows Detective Ayami Itō as she searches for her missing partner. Along the way, players will have to make difficult choices as to how to proceed. Each puzzle has multiple solutions and each solution has its own consequences. Every choice that players make affects Itō and the way people view her in some way, so they will need to be careful of the choices that they make.

Cherrymochi Producer Maho Williams had the following to say about the game’s launch.

“We wanted players to experience conflict when taking on Itō’s story. As play progresses, Itō finds herself calling into question whether she’s minutes away from solving the puzzles, or minutes away from madness. The key question is, have they unearthed the dark shadows hidden beneath Tokyo’s streets, or is it all in their head?”

Tokyo Dark is now available on Steam for $17.99, temporarily discounted to $16.19 for the week of release.

Beat the Game

Those who are looking for a much less dark adventure game may be interested in Worm Animation’s Beat the Game, which also launched today. The game takes players to a surreal world that is full of musical elements. They will be tasked with solving puzzles, collecting samples, and making music out of those samples.

Worm Animation founder Cemre Ozkurt had the following to say about the the game’s launch.

“We’re so pleased to release the PC, Mac and Linux versions of Beat The Game, allowing players to experience the loveable but bizarre world we’ve created for them and Mistik. We’ve taken classic point and click adventure as our base and added a beautifully rendered 3D environment and characters as well as a music making mechanic. We hope players find their inner DJ and save Mistik in the process.”

Beat the Game is now available on Steam for $9.99, temporarily discounted to $6.99 for the week of release. An Xbox One version is set to follow later this year. Those who are interested can find my thoughts on a demo of the game that I was able to play prior to release here.

A Robot Named Fight!

Matt Bitner Games’ roguelike Metroidvania A Robot Named Fight! was released on Steam today. The game boasts procedurally-generated levels, complete with procedurally-generated progressions, as well as true permadeath, more than 50 enemies, both single-player and local co-op modes, achievements that unlock new content, and more.

A Robot Named Fight! is now available on Steam for $9.99, temporarily discounted to $7.49 for the week of release.


Bad Seed’s free-to-play competitive 1v1 turn-based strategy game Insidia entered Open Beta earlier today. In it, players build teams of four champions and head to battle against other teams of four. The game will eventually feature twelve champions, each of which has three abilities: one Active, one Passive, and one Ultimate. As of today’s launch, however, only six are in the game, with new champions set to be released “every month.”

Insidia is now available on Steam Early Access as a free-to-play game. An optional Founder’s Pack, which includes access to “all present and future Champions,” as well as in-game currency, an exclusive “Founder” title, an exclusive Founder’s avatar, four skins, and more is available for $17.99.


Flying Oak Games’ stylish twin-stick shooter RPG NeuroVoider launched on Nintendo Switch today. The Switch version of the game boasts upwards of four-player multiplayer, 1080p/60 FPS gameplay “in all modes,” all additional content that is available on all other platforms, and support for dual Joy-Con, Pro Controller, and even single Joy-Con setups—the single Joy-Con mode features auto-aim in place of the additional joystick.

NeuroVoider is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $13.99.

Ultra Zultra

Oscar Morales’ Ultra Zultra is a retro-styled beat-’em-up with a silly premise. In it, you play as a character who is trying to escape from a place known as the “Nega-Jail” and stop a group known as “the Evil Peak,” which is lead by the Peak Master, from turning people into pigeons. Yes, that’s really the story.

Ultra Zultra is now available on for $3.00.

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