My Time At Portia Kickstarter Begins

As was previously announced, Planet Explorers developer Pathea Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its sandbox simulation RPG My Time At Portia. The current goal is $100,000, which will allow the team to build PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4. Versions for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One will be stretch goals, should the initial funding target be reached.

My Time At Portia is an open-world sandbox simulation RPG in which players are tasked with improving Portia, “a town on the edge of civilization,” using “relics from the past.” The game features an open world in which they can chop down trees, gather herbs, mine, grow their own garden, and and even go dungeon delving. It features a “deep and open” storyline that will be driven forward by the commissions and missions that players decide to take on. Unlike Planet Explorers, it is being built as a strictly single-player experience.

Rewards include a PC copy of the game for $20—$15 if you get the Early Bird tier—and PC Closed Beta access “immediately after the Kickstarter ends” for $25. A copy of the console version can be obtained for $25,. but those who want both the console version and Beta access will need to pay at least $80. Higher tiers include artbooks, plushies, and physical copies of the game.

You can find more information on the Kickstarter page or the official FAQ. For those who would like to try the game out before pledging, the Alpha demo is still available on Steam and

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