The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC Out Now, Base Game 67% Off To Celebrate

The Final Station is a unique post-apocalyptic game in which players must look after a train full of passengers, make sure that the train stays operational, and just generally ensure that you and your passengers always make it to the next station. Each station contains swarms of infected, making searching for supplies difficult.

The game’s first DLC pack, The Only Traitor, was released earlier today. The Only Traitor follows a new character that is traveling by car as he revisits locations that you visited in the base game, finds answers to questions that were unanswered in the base game, and ultimately works to find “the last remaining shelter.” The DLC pack also boasts new and “unexpected enemies.”

To celebrate the release of The Only Traitor, the base game is 67% off, bringing it down to $4.94. Alternatively, you can purchase the base game, The Only Traitor, and the artbook and DLC for $9.97. These sales will end on April 21st at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT.

Matt Chelen

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