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Taichi Panda 3 Is Headed West, Pre-Registration Begins

Snail Games announced today that Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is headed to the West by opening pre-registrations for the game. The latest entry in Snail’s series of mobile MMOs eschews the previous games’ action RPG format for a more traditional MMORPG format. Players can choose one of two factions, each of which has its own classes. The Panda Alliance can play as the Healer, Rune Mage, and Swordsman classes, whereas the Lion Empire can play as the Berserker, Ice Mage, and Priest classes. Both factions can play as the Scout, which is considered to be neutral.

Taichi Panda 3 has garnered attention for its impressive graphics, massive 1536×1536 km world, and its taming system, which allows players to tame and ride any of 1000 mounts. Some of these mounts can fly and mounted combat is supported. In short, it’s quite a robust mobile MMORPG.

As with many of Snail’s mobile titles, the Chinese version of Taichi Panda 3 offers a PC client that players can log into using an in-game QR scanner. It is unlikely, however, that the PC client will be released in the West.

Taichi Panda 3 is set to enter Closed Beta in September, with a full launch to follow in October. In the meantime, you can pre-register now via the official website.

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