Surreal Musical Adventure Beat The Game To Launch On September 7th

Worm Animation announced today that its surreal musical adventure Beat the Game is set to launch on September 7th. The game sees players take on the role of a music producer named Mistik, who has crashed in the desert and found himself in a strange world. He must uncover the secrets of this world by finding new samples and creating music with them.

I took a brief look at the game last month and was rather impressed with it. The game’s world is beautiful and well-realized while its music creation elements are equal parts easy to use and customizable. There are even some puzzles that are dependent upon the time of day, which is literally switched by tripping on some sort of substance that you find on the ground and passing out until the time of day changes.

Worm Animation founder Cemre Ozkurt had the following to say about the announcement.

“Beat The Game is about finding pleasure in music. With Mistik’s sequencer, anyone will be able to create their own unique club track within the game. The world and our characters hopefully show how transformative and fun making music can be. As our debut title, we’re so excited to finally share our own vision of the classic point and click game. We’ve built a beautiful 3D environment, characters of real personality and a dynamic, shifting soundtrack to accompany the action.”

Beat the Game is set to launch on Steam on September 7th; an Xbox One release is set to follow later this year. Its price has yet to be announced.

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