Supernatural Shmup Castle Of Shikigami To Launch On Steam On June 16th

Originally released in Japanese arcades back in 2001, Castle of Shikigami—also known as Shikigami no Shiro or Mobile Light Force 2, despite having no relation to the original Mobile Light Force—is a supernatural, horror-themed shmup that has seen two sequels in the time since its release. It features five “multipart” stages and six playable characters, each with their own “unique abilities and storylines.” Players are able to “exploit the time system” to significantly increase their score. Like many other shmups, it supports two-player local co-op.

We learned earlier this month via Twitter that Degica Games would be localizing the first game in the series and releasing it on Steam, but at the time, the company hadn’t unveiled any details. Today, however, Degica announced that the game will be launching on Steam on June 16th. It will cost $11.99, with a 17% discount for the week of release, and players will be given the option of purchasing the soundtrack for $4.99.

More information about Castle of Shikigami can be found on the Steam store page. You can find the official trailer for the game embedded below.

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