Super Meat Boy Sequel Arriving Next Year

A sequel to Team Meat’s highly successful meat-themed platformer Super Meat Boy has been revealed, and it’s called Super Meat Boy Forever. If that name sounds a bit familiar to you, it’s probably because you heard about the title back when it was originally teased back in 2014 as a mobile game before getting stuck in some kind of game development purgatory for a few years. 

While the game has been touted as a sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever is quite a significant departure from the original title. While the original was a challenging but otherwise fairly standard platformer that was carried heavily by its fluid design and curious aesthetic, Super Meat Boy forever is an auto-runner with some basic combat elements. Super Meat Boy Forever will also feature daily challenges and an interesting level system where each level will get procedurally more difficult the more times it is played, supposedly to an infinite extent

The game will be hitting Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile platforms in 2018.

Taylor Whaley

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