Super Lovely Planet Is A Lovely Planet-Styled 3D Platformer

Lovely Planet was somewhat of an odd game for me. I spent a lot of time trying to improve my times on each of its levels, ultimately infuriating myself as I would come just short of beating my last time. At the same time, the game’s simple, colorful art style was somewhat calming, an effect that seemed almost intentional at the time. It was an odd mix of emotions that truly defined my experience with the game.

It was odd to discover that the precision speedrunning shooter was followed up with a 3D platformer called Super Lovely Planet. The game requires you to “dodge bullets and defeat baddies,” but you won’t do so by shooting. You will also need to collect collectibles, as one would do in a collectathon. With any luck, it’s also difficult enough that it retains the infuriating, yet calming gameplay of its predecessor.

So why was Lovely Planet followed up by a 3D platformer, exactly? Developer QUICKTEQUILA explains as follows.

“Look, I can’t really explain why it’s not a shooter game. I wanted to make a platformer, so I made a platformer. Okay?”

Fair enough.

Super Lovely Planet is now available on Steam for $9.99, temporarily discounted to $7.49 for the week of release.

Matt Chelen

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