Super Beat Sports Suffers A Last-Minute Delay

With only a day left until it was set to launch, Harmonix’s Nintendo Switch-exclusive collection of sports-themed musical mini-games Super Beat Sports was delayed yesterday. The company announced the news via Twitter, stating that more information would be available soon.

Super Beat sports is a collection of five sports-themed musical mini-games for up to four players. The four mini-games from the Apple TV-exclusive Beat Sports are making a return, as well as a new one called Rhythm Racket, pictured above, which sees players attempt to protect their goal while trying to defeat their opponents by scoring on their goals. This version also sees the addition of an improved UI and “bonus songs, levels, bats, and costumes.”

Previously set to be released today, Super Beat Sports has now been delayed to an as-yet unannounced date. You can find more information about the game on the official website.

Matt Chelen

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