Stylish Roguelike Card Game Nowhere Prophet Enters “First Access” On October 10th

Sharkbomb Studios’ Nowhere Prophet is a single-player post-apocalyptic roguelike card game featuring a stylish art style. The game revolves around building a deck, taking control of a convoy, and setting out across a “procedurally generated wasteland,” fighting enemies in tactical, card game-style turn-based combat along the way. If you survive long enough, you will be able to “recruit new followers,” obtain loot, and add better cards to your deck. It sounds like a nice combination of mechanics that will ultimately provide a unique experience, while also offering the same level of replayability that many other roguelikes do. Hopefully, the deck building elements will have enough depth that there will be quite a few viable strategies, as well.

The game is set to enter “First Access” on October 10th, which is what the developer is calling a mix of Kickstarter and Early Access. Players will be able to buy the unfinished game, as they would with an Early Access game, but they will also be given “special rewards,” as they would be if the game were on Kickstarter. Said rewards have yet to be announced.

Nowhere Prophet is set to launch on as a “First Access” game on October 10th for an as-yet undisclosed price. The full launch is expected to follow in Q2 2018, at which time the game will be made available on Steam and “other platforms.” You can find more information about the game on the official website.

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