Sonic Mania To Be Released On August 15th

SEGA announced today that its upcoming Sonic throwback game Sonic Mania is set to be released on August 15th. The game takes players back to the days of the Sonic games on Genesis, mixing familiar stages with new stages and classic Sonic gameplay with higher resolutions and support for playing the game at 60 FPS. In short, it seems to be the game that Sonic fans have been asking for for over a decade, the game that Sonic 4 promised, but failed, to be.

Sonic Mania is up for pre-order now on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the PlayStation Store. The Nintendo Switch version can be pre-ordered at various retailers listed here. It costs $19.99, but the Steam version has a 10% pre-order discount, dropping the price to $17.99 until launch.

Matt Chelen

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