Sociable Soccer Headed To Steam Early Access This Summer

It’s been almost two years since Tower Studios canceled the Kickstarter campaign for its Sensible Soccer spiritual successor Sociable Soccer, but, at long last, we have a release window. The company announced today that the game will be headed to Steam Early Access later this summer, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile versions set to be released alongside the “full commercial launch,” which will occur sometime near the end of the year. An exact Steam Early Access release date has yet to be announced.

For those who haven’t heard of Sociable Soccer, it is a 3D spiritual successor to Sensible Software’s classic fast-paced soccer game Sensible Soccer that is being developed by a team led by Sensible Soccer’s lead developer, Jon Hare. It is a fast-paced, top-down soccer game that is easy to learn, but features “pinpoint controls and tactical depth” that make it hard to master. The game will feature more than 1000 teams, both club and national, with a total of more than 30,000 players. Single-player, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, and manager modes will all be available, allowing you to play the game the way that you want to.

Sociable Soccer Designer and Director Jon Hare had the following to say about the announcement.

“Sociable Soccer is a super quick, adrenaline soaked football action game, an unholy alliance of Guardiola’s tiki taka and Klopp’s gegenpressing, where ultra sharp passing and shooting can easily by thwarted by a well timed slide tackle.. something like Rocket League in boots. After nearly two years in development we are excited to be launching soon on Steam Early Access. The game has a whole world of soccer already in place and online and offline matches are playing like a dream. As we sprint towards full commercial launch in late 2017 we invite gamers and football lovers to become part of our game changing, new sports franchise as we add new features, game modes and updates every few weeks.”

You can find more information about Sociable Soccer on the Steam store page.

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