Slashers To Slash Its Way Onto Steam Early Access On October 20th

Stun Games announced today that, following a successful run on mobile, its fighting game Slashers: The Power Battle is headed to Steam Early Access on October 20th. The game—which was inspired by games like Guilty Gear, Last Blade, and Street Fighter 3—lets players choose one of 11 characters and take to the digital battlefield to fight against either AI or other players. The Journey mode allows players to “create and customize” a fighter of their own, whereas Arcade mode gives them a chance to fight their way through each character’s story. The Net-play mode lets players challenge other players around the world.

Slashers also boasts “easy to use controls” that utilize a total of four attack buttons: Chaos, Kick, Slash, and Big Slash. There are combos, “strategic moves” that require your Chaos Meter to be filled, and “character-specific finishers.” According to the press release, the PC version boasts a “totally reworked control mechanism,” but no further details are available at this time.

Stun Games founder Galip Kortoglu had the following to say about the announcement.

“Slashers: The Power Battle is a truly old-school fighting game with so much to offer to both fans of the classics like Street Fighter, and all players who just want to uppercut their friends across a screen. Our warriors are eccentric, larger than life characters, and we know players will absolutely love their unique skillsets. We can’t wait to hear from the Early Access community.”

Kiss Ltd. co-founder and CEO Darryl Still also provided a statement.

“Given the incredible levels of success Slashers: The Power Battle achieved on mobile, we’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Stun Games on the PC version. The game is already fantastic and feedback from the Early Access players can only help to perfect the experience.”

Slashers: The Power Battle is set to launch on Steam Early Access on October 20th for $6.99.

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