Slash Your Way Through The Neon World Of Phantom Trigger Today

tinyBuild’s latest publishing effort, Bread Team’s neon hack ‘n slash roguelike Phantom Trigger, has officially launched. The game offers fast-paced, “hardcore” gameplay that revolves around melee combat, as well as an RPG-like system of “unlocking combos and upgrading weapons.” The world consists of five “distinct” worlds and the game is estimated to have a total of seven hours of gameplay.

The game’s combo system seems to be the main draw, allowing players to trap and freeze enemies as they “[dash] from one combo to the next.” Gameplay looks fast-paced and fluid to match the description offered, impressive spell effects and neon sword slashes flying around the screen as you fight off hordes of enemies.

Phantom Trigger is now available on Steam, GOG, and the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99. The Steam version is temporarily discounted to $11.99 for the week of release and a demo of it is available on the store page.

Matt Chelen

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