Silicon Studio Launches Open Source Game Engine Xenko

Most of you probably know Silicon Studio as the company behind the YEBIS engine that the remastered version of Black Desert Online will utilize, but the Japanese company has a number of other projects that it has been working on, as well. Today, it announced that one of those projects, its Unity 3D-like game engine Xenko, has officially launched.

Xenko has a number of advanced features, such as materials that make use of physically-based rendering, light probes, DirectX 12 and Vulkan support, a custom shader language “written on top of HLSL,” and a number of post effects. Its IDE includes a graphics compositor, nested prefabs, a UI editor, a scene editor, a sprite editor, and more. Games are coded in C# and the engine is “completely multi-threaded.” The runtime engine is also open source, allowing anyone modify it, should they need to. Games created in Xenko can be exported to PC, mobile, and Xbox One.

Xenko is free for commercial use, should your business make less than $200,000 per year. This is granted that, much like Unity, you can’t use your own custom splash screen. The Pro version, which allows you to include a custom splash screen and has no restrictions on commercial use, is normally $75 per user per month, but is free until July 31st. Also of note is the fact that you don’t get access to the IDE’s source code unless you pay for at least the Pro Plus tier, which costs $150 per user per month.

You can read more about Xenko on the official website.

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