Shoppe Keep 2 Announced, Will Be An Open World Multiplayer Game

The original Shoppe Keep was an interesting idea. Run your own weapons shop. Set your own prices. Fight off barbarians and thieves. Play the entire game in a first-person viewpoint, rather than a more manager-style setup. It was fairly unique.

Excalibur Games announced today that a sequel, Shoppe Keep 2, is in development. It is set to expand upon the original with an open world and online multiplayer for up to four players. Players will also have more control over how their run their shop, allowing them to choose between buying stock from suppliers around town or taking on “dangerous” missions that will allow them to “secure high class stock” that will sell for more.

The economy will be tracked on a global scale, with information about what players are selling and for what price sent to a master server regularly. The information is then used to “adjust item demand, mark ups that customers will find acceptable, and more,” offering a more dynamic, player-driven experience.

Additionally, players will be able to make use of an “expanded character creator” that will offer options like gender, eye color, hair style, facial hair, and skin color. They will also be able to equip every single item that they stock and use it for themselves.

Shoppe Keep 2 is set to launch on Steam Early Access in “early 2018.”

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