Scorn Kickstarter Begins, Backer-Exclusive Demo Debuts September 22nd

Following two years of development and a “financial partnership with Humble Bundle,” Ebb Software has taken to Kickstarter to fund the completion of its long-awaited bizarre horror game Scorn. The Kickstarter is being held to raise the funds necessary to allow the team to “[take] more time to polish [SCORN Part 1] and really make it shine,” but there are stretch goals. The base goal is set at €150,000, whereas the stretch goals are €175,000 for a VR level, €200,000 for “two additional enemy types,” €250,000 for an “additional location and content,” and €300,000 for an as-yet unannounced goal.

Prospective backers can net themselves a copy of the final game, which is set to be released sometime around October 2018, for a pledge of about €17, or about $20. Pledging €20, or about $24, will grant them access to the Prologue a month before the release date. Higher tiers mostly add additional digital and physical swag.

On September 22nd, all backers will be given access to a backer-exclusive demo of the game. The demo will feature one level, complete with “surreal organic environments” to interact with, and two weapons.

Ebb Software’s Ljubomir Peklar had the following to say about the announcement.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has supported SCORN so far, and I hope they will continue to do so as we launch this next phase of development and the Kickstarter. We will make sure that it’s worth the wait.”

You can find more information about Scorn on the Kickstarter campaign page or the official website.

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