Roguish Digital Board Game Antihero Out Now

Tim Conkling’s Antihero is a fairly unique game, even within the digital board game space. Players take on the role of a master thief who has established a thieves guild and must compete with a rival master thief for control of the area in which they’ve established their guild. It’s a fast-paced game with fairly simple rules, but offers quite a few tactical options. You can blackmail, bribe, steal, or even assassinate your way to victory.

Antihero offers a number of multiplayer modes, including local multiplayer, asynchronous online multiplayer, and real-time live matches that have a turn timer—you can even customize the rules of your matches to your liking. However, unlike many other digital board games, it also features a “story-driven single-player campaign.”

Versus Evil General Manager Steve Escalante had the following to say about the announcement.

“Antihero is the archetypal turn-based strategy game but with a distinct art style and deviously crafted game experience. It requires a healthy dose of cunning strategy and forward thinking to outsmart your opponent. The game suits a variety of play styles, from the tactical and methodical chess-like pace to a full-on strong arm approach, muscling in on your opponent to make this a very competitive game.”

Antihero is now available on Steam for $14.99, temporarily discounted to $13.49 for the week of release.

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