Rogue Trooper Redux To Launch On October 17th

Rebellion announced today that TickTock Games’ remake of its 2006 shooter Rogue Trooper, Rogue Trooper Redux, is set to launch on October 17th. The game will offer a single-player campaign that is “faithful to the 2000 AD comic and universe of the same name,” as well as two online co-op modes for two to four players, which can also be played offline in single-player form. Players will be able to turn “Rogue’s sentient rifle Gunnar” into several different weapons, including a missile launcher, a mortar, a sentry gun, and a sniper rifle. They will also be able to gather salvage to upgrade their weapons and “order Bagman to manufacture explosives under fire.”

Additionally, Rogue Trooper Redux features newly remastered art and refined gameplay. You can get a look at the brand new art style in the new 101 trailer embedded below.

Rogue Trooper Redux is set to launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 17th for $24.99. You can find more information on the official website.

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