Rising Storm GOTY Edition Free On The Humble Store For A Limited Time

With Rising Storm 2: Vietnam launching in five days, now is the perfect time to get players hyped by giving away the original Rising Storm for free, right? That’s exactly what Tripwire Interactive is doing, the game is free for a limited time as part of the Humble Store’s Spring sale.

For those that are unaware, Rising Storm is the Pacific Theater spin-off of sorts of Red Orchestra 2. Set during World War II, players will fight in various famous battles during the “island-hopping campaigns in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945.” As it is so closely related to Red Orchestra 2, the multiplayer services for the two games were merged following Rising Storm’s release, with Rising Storm actually containing all of Red Orchestra 2’s multiplayer content.

If you’ve yet to play either game, I highly recommend grabbing Rising Storm while it’s free. It’s a rather good WWII FPS with one of the most intense, immersive multiplayer modes in the genre. It’s well worth the cost, much less the time to download, and it seems that the fact that it is free has lead to an influx of players, as SteamCharts is reporting that today’s peak concurrent user count is twice that of yesterday’s.

Matt Chelen

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