Re:Legend Kickstarter Reaches Funding Goal In Less Than 18 Hours

Yesterday, we reported that Magnus Games had taken to Kickstarter to raise S$70,000, or approximately $51,000, in funding for its cooperative monster-raising JRPG Re:Legend. Perhaps due to the game’s charming art style and premise, the Kickstarter took off nearly immediately, achieving its funding goal in less than 18 hours.

With the Kickstarter campaign now fully funded, Magnus Games has unveiled its stretch goals. Stretch goals begin at S$100,000 with a “live orchestra recording” of the game’s soundtrack. A new player shop will be added at S$120,000 in funding. At S$140,000 in funding, the team will add more advanced housing customization features, with “hidden legendary Magnus” following at S$160,000 in funding. If the game manages to garner S$200,000 in funding, the game will feature full voice acting, whereas S$220,000 in funding will allow the team to introduce a new underwater biome. Ports to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will occur at S$250,000, S$280,000, and S$310,000, respectively. The highest announced stretch goal is a new bachelor and several new bachelorettes, which will be added into the game if it reaches $330,000 in funding. Two more hidden stretch goals are noted on the stretch goal chart and will presumably only be revealed once a significant number of the existing stretch goals have been reached.

You can read more about Re:Legend or pledge to the ongoing Kickstarter campaign here.

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