Realistic Dinosaur Simulation Saurian Goes Live On Steam Early Access

Following a short delay caused by Valve’s verification process, Urvogel Games’ realistic dinosaur simulation game has gone live on Steam Early Access. The game was previously successfully funded on Kickstarter, having raised a total of $220,709 in funding. Urvogel Games has spent the year since the Kickstarter preparing the game for today’s Early Access release.

Saurian utilizes many gameplay concepts seen in the open world survival genre, but sets itself apart by trying to accurately recreate “the perilous Hell Creek ecosystem of 66 million years ago.” The game has been developed in coordination with professional paleontologists to ensure that the experiences is as authentic as possible.

While later versions will allow players to play as any of six dinosaurs, the initial Early Access version only allows them to play as the Dakotaraptor. The Dakotaraptor is playable from a hatchling state to adulthood and can be used to explore a fully functional ecosystem. The game is expected to remain in Early Access for two years, during which time the other five playable dinosaurs will be introduced, as well as more AI animals, “foliage species,” dynamic weather, seasons, dinosaur customization, a “Post-Impact Survival Mode,” a spectator mode, multiplayer, and more.

Saurian is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99.

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