Raiders Of The Broken Planet Open Beta To Begin On September 15th

I wasn’t impressed with Raiders of the Broken Planet last time I played it. I generally like cover shooters and the Antagonist mode that takes the game from a four-player cooperative experience to a 4v1 competitive experience on top of the cooperative experience is genuinely interesting. However, I felt that the melee combat was a bit too simple and the fact that you can’t hip fire, even when in a downed state, made the game feel unwieldy. I’m quite interested in seeing if there’s another character in the game that would match my playstyle better than those that were available during Closed Beta and simply provide a better overall experience for me, but my first impressions weren’t great. Nevertheless, it is a rather polished game and its concept is still intriguing.

Developer MercurySteam will be holding an Open Beta from September 15th to September 16th and I’d personally recommend trying it out, if only because the concept is quite different from your average asymmetric competitive game. Two missions will be available during the Open Beta: the single-player intro mission First Round and a mission called Hanging by a Thread, where you storm an enemy airship in an attempt to rescue “warrior of legend” Lycus Dion so that you can recruit him.

The two missions in question are collectively known as the “Prologue,” which will be available as a free download when the game launches on September 22nd. The game’s first full campaign, Alien Myths, will be available as DLC for $9.99.

You can find more information about Raiders of the Broken Planet on the official website or the Steam store page.

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