Portal Knights Takes A Portal Out Of Early Access

After over a year in Early Access, Keen Games’ blocky action RPG Portal Knights has officially launched. The launch version brings with it a two-player local spliut-screen mode, new quests, new NPCs, new objects, new events, a new resource called “resin,” and more.

In addition to the new content, several “vanity DLC packages” are now available. These include robot costumes and an emoji costume for your in-game character. A special free DLC has been given to everyone who purchased the game during Early Access as a “special gift”; it includes a “special pet,” a new flag, a recipe for a “special throne item,” recipes for “special blocktypes,” and an item that will unlock a “special rainbow themed island.”

Portal Knights is now available on Steam and the Microsoft Store for $19.99. The PlayStation 4 version will follow via the PlayStation Store on May 23rd.

Matt Chelen

Matt has been playing games for as long as he can remember. He got into games journalism during college.

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