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Planetarian HD Launches On Steam, But Only In Chinese

Today, VisualArts/Key launched the HD version of its beloved visual novel planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ on Steam, but, surprisingly, it is only available in Chinese. An English version was originally released on Steam on September 17, 2014 by Sekai Project, one of a small number of companies that is continuously working to bring Japanese visual novels to the West, but this version was not based on the HD release, which contains updated art and a slightly higher resolution, among other changes.

Fortunately, VisualArts is, in fact, working on an English version of planetarian HD, as was stated on Twitter last month. Interestingly, it would seem that the company is retranslating the game from scratch, rather than using Sekai Project’s existing translation, but it is happening, nonetheless. Unfortunately, a release date was not noted.

Given that an English version is on the way, it should be noted that planetarian HD is 20% off or $7.99 for the week of release.

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