Plan The Ultimate Prison Break In The Escapists 2 Today

The Escapists 2, Mouldy Toof’s sequel to its award-winning prison escape game The Escapists, has finally arrived. The game improves on its predecessor in nearly every way, featuring an all-new look, a new crafting system, a new combat system that allows for more intense prison brawls, and even multiplayer functionality. Players jump into any one of ten themed prisons, either with or without friends, and begin planning their escape. In addition to “normal” prisons, the game introduces three “transit prisons”: one on the land, one on the sea, and one in the air.

The multiplayer mode, which allows up to four players to play together either locally or online, is especially interesting, as it requires players to ensure that everyone can escape before allowing anyone to escape. However, there is also a versus mode for those who would like to see who can break out faster.

The Escapists 2 is available now on Steam, the Microsoft Store and the PlayStation Store for $19.99. A Nintendo Switch version is set to be released sometime in the future.

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