BlazBlue: Central Fiction Has Launched On Steam

The latest in Arc System Works’ long-running fighting game series BlazBlue, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, has officially launched on Steam. The game has been available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 since the beginning of last November, but today’s release marks the first time that the game is available on PC. For those who haven’t been […]


Co-op First-Person Shooter Earthfall Launches On Steam Early Access

Holospark’s cooperative first-person shooter Earthfall launched on Steam Early Access today. Not entirely unlike Killing Floor or Left4Dead, the game tasks upwards of four players with fortifying holdouts, completing objectives, and just surviving. It boasts multiple campaigns, more than 20 weapons, defenses like barricades and turrets, a large variety of alien attackers with “unpredictable” spawns and […]

Foreign News

Studio Alpha Line Announces Shmup/RPG Hybrid Astrologia Odyssey IV: Chronos Reflection

Studio Alpha Line announced the latest in its Astrologia Odyssey series, Astrologia Odyssey IV: Chronos Reflection, earlier today. The game is a shmup/action RPG/roguelike hybrid in which players musty explore randomly generated dungeons with a party in a side-scrolling format, shoot at enemies, and avoid bullets being shot back at them. The game will also feature […]


Puyo Puyo Tetris Launches In North America

It’s been a full three years since the mashup arcade puzzler Puyo Puyo Tetris originally launched in Japan, but, as of today, it is finally available in North America. Whereas the game was originally released for 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, and Xbox One in Japan, only the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of […]