Super Cloudbuilt Is Launching On July 25th

Coilworks and Double Eleven announced today that their speedrunning action platformer Super Cloudbuilt is set to launch PC and PlayStation 4 on July 25th, with an Xbox One version to follow on July 28th. Those who pre-order will get access to a “practice demo,” which includes the tutorial, three levels, and the “Playground,” a practice […]


Ealdorlight Combat Demo Released

Ealdorlight is a project that I truly hope reaches its Kickstarter funding goal. It’s a roguelike that procedurally generates its world and that world’s history, then sends players out into it. Key features include quests, step-based combat system, crafting, farming, thievery, a damage system that models bones, muscles, and organs, and more. It’s a uniquely […]


Nintendo Announces The SNES Classic

Rumors about the system have been swirling for some time, but Nintendo announced today that the SNES Classic is, indeed, real. The console will be launching on September 29th with a total of 21 games that are seemingly headlined by the “never-before-released” rail shooter Star Fox 2, which many have already played due to the […]

Mobile News

Fate/Grand Order Launches In North America

Aniplex and Delightworks’ ridiculously popular mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order has officially launched in North America. The game went live last night on both Android and iOS and is now available in English for the first time ever. Thanks to the pre-release Facebook campaign, players will be given “the Craft Essence ‘Beginning of the Journey,’ 6,000 […]