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The Original StarCraft And Its Expansion Brood War Are Now Available As A Free Download

Last month, after months of rumors, Blizzard announced StarCraft: Remastered, a new version of StarCraft that would include remastered graphics, remastered audio, and support for up to 4K resolutions, among other revisions. The modernized version of the company’s classic sci-fi RTS will be launching sometime this summer.

It was also announced that, in addition to StarCraft: Remastered launching this summer, the original StarCraft would be receiving its first patch in eight years, Patch 1.18. The patch would add better support for modern systems, windowed and windowed fullscreen modes, an observer mode, an increased turn rate in Battle.net matches, and more. Once this patch went live, the original game and its expansion Brood War would be made available completely free of charge.

Today, Patch 1.18 was finally released and, as was previously announced, StarCraft and Brood War are now available as a free download. Anyone can download the 19-year old RTS and either play through the campaign again or begin training for when StarCraft: Remastered is launched later this summer. Those who aren’t planning to purchase StarCraft: Remastered won’t have to worry, however, as players of both versions will be able to play together; those using the legacy client simply won’t be able to take advantage of the modernizations that Remastered will bring with it.

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