Open World RPG Frontiers To Receive A Full Revamp

Progress on AAD Productions’ promising The Elder Scrolls-like open world indie RPG Frontiers has been slow recently, in part because the developer Lars Simkins recently had a kid, but progress is being made nonetheless. Simkins announced on Friday that the game is in the middle of a full revamp, which is tentatively being called version 1.7. Inspired by user feedback, version 1.7 will change practically everything about the game, including its graphics, UI, inventory and save game systems, and more. Screenshots of the new graphics have yet to be unveiled, but the featured image offers an early look at the new UI, which was shared on Twitter on Friday.

However, the revamp is still a ways off and, as such, Simkins has recommended that players avoid purchasing the game for the time being, as can be seen in the following quote.

“So far so good – unfortunately this overhauled version won’t be in a releasable state for a while yet, and there’s an uncomfortable disconnect growing between the game that’s available for download and the game that’s actually being developed. Right now the impression you’ll get from the screenshots, forum discussions and bug reports won’t quite match the finished product.

So if you’re thinking of buying, DON’T. I encourage you to WAIT until 1.7 is released.

Just to be clear, the game isn’t morphing into a Candy Crush clone or something – the core experience will be consistent. But in the past my mantra has been ‘read the forums before buying!’ so I want to err on the side of caution in this situation.”

I’m quite interested in seeing how the revamp turns out. I’ve had my eye on Frontiers since its initial Early Access launch back in December of 2014, but I was never entirely convinced that I should purchase it. Perhaps version 1.7 will change that.

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