Nolla Games’ New Roguelite Noita Physically Simulates Every Pixel

What happens when the creators of indie greats Crayon Physics Deluxe, The Swapper, and Environmental Station Alpha get together and start working on a game? Noita, a magical roguelite action platformer in which “every pixel is physically simulated,” apparently! The game features procedurally generated worlds that players must explore and fight their way through. Oh, and they can also burn, freeze, melt, or explode things.

Noita runs on an in-house engine called the “Falling Everything Engine,” which is likely a reference to falling sand games. It allows the developer to simulate “large-scale, physics-based worlds” made up of “interactive pixels with varying chemical and physical properties.” These pixels can be liquid, gas-like, sand-like, or make up one part of a “larger rigid [body].”

The game looks quite nice and some of the spell effects are just astounding to watch in motion. I’m greatly looking forward to exploring the game world and seeing how I can affect the environment.

You can find more information about Noita on the official website or watch the reveal trailer embedded below. A release date has yet to be announced; instead, it is noted that “it will be available on Windows PCs when it is ready.”

Matt Chelen

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