New Dungeon Crawler Hyakki Castle Lets You Split Your Party In Two

Asakusa Studios’ Hyakki Castle is a real-time dungeon-crawling RPG set during the Edo period that puts players in the role of a Ninja or a Samurai who must assemble a party of four and set out to “explore a sinister castle.” As they explore, they will have to avoid traps and fight creatures that are taken straight from “ancient Japanese literature.” Gameplay looks as if it largely resembles other real-time dungeon crawlers, with one key difference: you can split your party in two.

Splitting your party in two seems to be a key gameplay element, as well, as you may have to split your party up to solve puzzles. Other uses include flanking or ambushing monsters. An example given in the press release is that you could use one character to lure a monster back to the other three, who then attack it.

Masaru Saito, a representative from publisher Happinet, had the following to say about the announcement.

“We wanted to bring a fresh new approach and subject matter to this generation of dungeon RPG gamers. Hyakki Castle borrows from a rich period of time in Japan’s ancient history and aims to deliver a memorable experience through our strong Japanese warrior classes along with unusual monsters and supernatural creatures that are unique to Japanese folklore.”

Hyakki Castle is set to launch on Steam this winter. You can find more information on the Steam store page.

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