We Need To Go Deeper’s Latest Update Introduces Voice Chat And A New Vessel

We Need To Go Deeper’s latest update, the Surge and Splurge update, is here, bringing with it native voice chat, a new vessel, and more. The new voice chat system allows players to use voice chat via push-to-talk and even gives them the option of muting other players, should they want to.

The new vessel, known as the Perle, is somewhat more compact than previous vessels. It is said to be “perfectly suited for bite-sized crews,” with all of its stations located within reach of a single ladder. It also is equipped with “upgraded shields and a harder-hitting EMP,” making it ideal for beginners.

Players will now also be able to find a new resource: Fuel. Fuel will allow vessels to move faster and fire EMP shots. Vessels without fuel will have their maximum speed capped and will not be able to fire EMPs, so it is recommended that you “spend fuel wisely.”

A new “special cave drop” called “The Battery” has also been introduced. The Battery is a Vessel Upgrade that can be picked up and plugged into a power console, reducing energy costs until it runs out of power. It is noted that these are difficult to bring back to your vessel due to the fact that they require both arms to lift.

Additionally, all sorts of life has been added to the game. A new crocodile-like enemy called the “Purussaurus” can now be seen in the Prehistoric biome, whereas several of the game’s biomes now have various friendly fish swimming around them.

You can find the full set of patch notes here.

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