We Need To Go Deeper’s Latest Update Is “Fully Loaded”

We Need to Go Deeper is one of those games that started out great and could only get better from there. It’s easy to pick up and play, but extremely hard to master. However, there was no denying that the single available vessel made the game feel a bit limited.

Fortunately, a recent update known as “the Fully Loaded Update” brought with it a new vessel known as “The Requin.” The Requin is a larger vessel than The Crevette, offering an additional cannon, more beds, and more room to breathe when it starts taking on water. The additional size and offensive capabilities come with a price, though; it can’t shield itself the way that The Crevette can. Additionally, it is intended for teams of three or four and will be harder to manage if you only have one or two players.

The update also introduces an overhaul of the Cursed Waters biome. It is now more “vibrant” than before, while maintaining a “spooky look.” Cursed shipwrecks, bone shrines, and “skeletal abominations” can now be found when exploring the biome.

Several changes were made to existing enemies, as well. Previously, all enemies left behind ghosts, but now only “Cursed” enemies that look decayed leave behind a ghost. The caveat is that ghosts can no longer be killed.

You can read more about the Fully Loaded Update here.

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